kiwis, Kiwis, and Kiwi Fruit

The name for a person from New Zealand is Kiwi. When I first heard this name, the fruit came to mind. “They must produce a lot of kiwis to export,” I assumed, and asked a Kiwi about it. He was very quick to correct me and explain that kiwis are a bird unique to New Zealand. “We do not export kiwis, but kiwi fruit.”  Kiwi fruit originated in China and was brought to New Zealand by missionaries, which is how the fruit got its common name. “We named ourselves after the Kiwi bird, which is much more impressive and New Zealandesque than the fruit.”

Have you met any Kiwis? Tried Kiwi Fruit jam? Ever seen a real kiwi bird? Come to New Zealand and you can have all the Kiwi experiences you like.

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  1. Nicolyn says:

    Kiwi jam sounds delicious, do you remove the seeds? Maybe we can make some if we find kiwi fruit on sale.


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