Simple Joys


Ishii Town Hall、石井町市役所、ふじっこちゃんクリスマス
Custom made outfit for Fujiko-chan, Ishii Town’s mascot. They are covered now, but her braids are made of wisteria flowers.

You know you have a good friend when the thought of them makes you smile. I have many reasons to smile. One of them is N, a spunky math teacher I met in my first days in Japan. She took it upon herself to teach this foreigner outdated Japanese jokes and nursery songs. I have so many good memories with her (here’s a post about it from my old blog!), and got an opportunity to make more while I was in Tokushima this past December. The day included sushi lunch with her parents, a meeting with her new dachshund puppy, a visit to the town hall to see how she personally decorated the outside for Christmas, the best takoyaki (octopus balls) I’ve ever eaten from a chef who also happens to be a magician, a visit to her new farmplot, purikura (photobooth) pictures and arcade games in the mall, and a Christmas Light display. Could the day get any more fun? Yep! When we got to her grandmother’s house, we put on boots and squashed gingko nuts out of their doo-doo fruit shells. This was my favorite part of the day. A year before I was doing the same thing myself, to the terrible dismay of my roommates (they stink). Now I had a companion.

And what companion. She is kind, joyful, hardworking, spontaneous, generous, understanding, curious, creative, bakes desserts for people even though she doesn’t like them herself, loyal, honest, and practical. She keeps her life simple so she has time for the people and real pleasures in it. She is the embodiment of this song, and am I very glad to learn from her.

The Little Church – Donovan.

If you want your dream to be,
Build it slow and surely,
Small beginnings, greater ends,
Heartfelt work grows purely

If you want to live life free,
Take your time – go slowly,
Do few things but do them well,
Simple joys are holy

Day by day, stone by stone,
Build your secret slowly,
Day by day, you’ll grow too,
You’ll know heavens glory.


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  1. Deb A Holmes says:

    You really do meet some of God’s finest creations, she sounds wonderful.


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