Toyofuji Minshuku

Japanese futon in the closet
How many beds can you fit in YOUR closet?

Aside from the oyster business, my hosts also run a minshuku, which is like a Japanese Bed and Breakfast. They offer an entire house overlooking Kumihama Bay, featuring Japanese style rooms and sumptuous meals. It was both oyster and crab season while I was there, so they played a major role in the winter mealset. I was able to help make and serve food to the guests. It was really fun to see the beautiful serving trays come together. When each dish was ready, G and I were issued out to serve it while still hot.


Kumihama Bay crab

Kumihama Bay oysters
Fresh oysters, steamed to perfection. 

My favorite part was preparing the hot hand towels. I’ve always loved receiving these in restaurants and airplanes (ANA airlines from Japan, of course!), and now got to see how they were made. You wet them, then wring out as much water as possible. Fold in just the right sequence, roll into a tight ball, and microwave just before serving.

Minshuku meal, Kumihama Bay, Seafood dinner, hot handtowels
Note the yellow handtowels.

For more pictures or to arrange a stay, check out the AirBnb page here!

Having fun in the kitchen.

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