Can Santa Read Japanese?

Japanese Kotatsu
Kotatsu tables have heated fans on the inside and blankets to keep in the warmth.

One of the best parts of my stay in Kumihama Bay was playing with Mr. A’s daughter. She’s 6 years old and sweet as ever, sharing her sweets and toys. Her English education is well under way thanks to all the foreign volunteers that have visited. As Christmas was nearing, we suggested that she write a letter to Santa telling him what gifts she would like.  That evening we sat at the kotatsu (heated coffee table) and watched as this 6 year old composed and wrote a whole letter to Santa. It was so impressive! We determined that since Santa is from Finland, he probably can’t read Japanese, and translated the letter into English for her. I wasn’t there for Christmas, but I imagine Santa got the message. 

Japanese letter to Santa. サンタさんへの手紙

Papa checks the letter. 
Rika Doll Supermarket Toy
Rica-chan supermarket toy. Every girl’s dream! 


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Baking chocolate chip cookies, Santa’s favorite! 


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  1. Deb A Holmes says:

    She is adorable. Kids everywhere are the same about Santa I guess.


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