Exploring Kumihama Bay


Kumihama Bay Tourist Map

Kyotango is a little town on the Japan Seaside of Kyoto Prefecture. It’s not a popular tourist destination, but it has plenty to offer. One afternoon G and I set out on bicycles to explore the town. It was easy to make a big loop around Kumihama Bay and arrive back at our host’s place. Just keep the bay on one side and ride!

Kumihama Bay Bicycling at Sunset

Our first stop was to gawk at some men standing around a tree at a temple. The tree was surrounded by a cone of ropes with bamboo poles acting as little shelves to hold up the branches. They explained that it was to winterize the tree and protect the branches from breaking under heavy snow. The priest offered to open the temple for us to look around. He told us about the increasing shortage of priests in Japan. There are fewer people entering the profession, and temples have less funds to support them, so they often rotate between a number of temples.  

Japanese Winter Tree Support Bamboo

We got fresh milk at the Sora milk factory. Their Jersey cows produce high percentages of milkfat, making the products extra rich and creamy.

Kumihama Bay Sora Milk Factory, Japanese Jersey Cows

We also visited the Inaba Honke Museum. It’s the house of a merchant in the Edo Period of Japan. The architecture was impressive, aesthetics serene.

Inaba Honke Museum and Restaurant


And of course, the town would not be complete without a really big temple. 

Japanese Buddhist Temple Shrine, Kumihama Bay

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  1. Deb A Holmes says:

    Insteresting dock in the picture. How fun.


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