Volunteer House

I chose the East room to get morning light in the windows.
J sporting the “cool” ride. 
H can hardly take another day with Koko. 

The Volunteer House was a cozy old farmhouse with plenty of space. There were 4 rooms with bunkbeds for volunteers, and a large empty tatami room to lay out beds for another 20 people. It took a little time to get used to the lack of wifi, but I soon came to appreciate the quiet evenings with nothing to do but read, write, and get to know the fellow volunteers. While there we had J from Panama, H from Australia, and three Malaysian girls who were drawn by the exotic temperate climate fruit.

Space efficient stairs up to the tatami room.

It was these girls who taught me how to play a proper game of Mahjong. They enticed me to stay up well past my bedtime of 9pm to enjoy hours of gaming. I won’t try to explain the whole game, but of the different strategies, my favorite was stealing people’s turns. If anyone discards a tile that makes a match for you, you can pounce on it with a loud “Pong!”. Ok, it doesn’t need to be loud, but this move made me too excited to hold back. I succeeded in rattling my opponents with this move and actually won a game!

My Mahjong teachers.

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  1. Deb A Holmes says:

    That’s my girl! I love hearing these stories.


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