Nice views on our walks!

As the sun set each day, we would visit Taro under his tree in the cherry orchard. He would go wild with excitement when he saw us all drive up. When we put him on the leash, he would pull with all his might to race ahead and smell what was new in his territory. We always walked him around the block three times, and occasionally I would take him on a 4th run so that both of us could get a little more exercise. I had to work up an appetite for dinner, after all! The hardest thing to adjust to was the poop bucket. One person would hold his leash and another would carry a little green bucket. Whenever Taro began to squat, the bucket bearer would race in to catch whatever solids came out. When we finished each loop, the bucket would be dumped around a walnut tree for extra fertilizer.

Gloves were a must.
Another farmer’s persimmons left on the tree. Sometimes it’s not worth the trouble of picking the astringent ones. 

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