Alps Park

Raising the next generation of hikers. If only all mountains had a slide from the top. 

I had a beautiful day with a free afternoon and very little pocket change. A park seemed like the most obvious choice. Alps Park is a child’s wonderland, and very fun for adults, too. When I arrived it was full of preschool students (you can tell by their yellow hats) having a picnic with their parents. There were so many areas to explore, including a giant lookout tower to view the entire city and beyond, several roller slides, an obstacle course, a petting zoo and miniature zoo, cart slide going through the forest, and alpine playground equipment. The only thing I regretted was going without a lunch.

Views from the park. 
After an hour walking there, I had to explore the whole place this little corn soup from the vending machine. 


Cart course winding down through the forest. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb A Holmes says:

    I want a slide like that from the top of the hill at the lake down to the bottom!


    1. Georgia H says:

      How about straight into the lake?


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