Origin of Adventure

Over the past year I have been happily employed in Minneapolis. My work with a property management company that focuses on affordable housing was the perfect mixture of inspiring, challenging, and fulfilling. I was getting comfortably settled into life there.

It only took one conversation to plant that seed of change in me. It was over dinner near New Year’s Eve, as I was sharing life updates with a close friend. I listed off the latest activities with my church friends, including caroling and game night. I talked about an upcoming performance review at work, and what steps I could take to increase my skillset. I told her about the endearing antics of my three roommates. I speculated on what I might do when my lease expired the following June, thinking that buying and renting a duplex to live in might be a great way to produce a passive stream of income. She listened with interest, then posed a question that threw me. “Where do your dreams fit into this life plan?”

My dreams? The business and interests of daily life had shut them up behind a nondescript door. My eyes darted around the restaurant as I performed a quick mental search. The door opened, and I stared with surprise as the pending dreams toppled onto the table between us. Swim in a Norwegian fjord. Breath the salty air of the Cliffs of Dover. Hike the Japanese alps. Herd goats in Switzerland. Soak in the hotsprings of Iceland. Camp out in a Hobbit Hole in New Zealand. Learn about beekeeping, aquaponics, orchards, and the hospitality industry firsthand. Discover alternative lifestyles by living with families who embrace them.

Where did any of these fit into my life plan? The more I got settled into my community and work, the harder it would be to ever uproot myself again. “If you ever plan to seriously pursue any of these ideas, I think this is a good time to do it.” She was right. I was single, had some savings, and there was an upcoming end date on my housing. The fact that this push came from someone who highly values the proximity of her friends only compounded the point.

That is how, ten months later, I’ve wound up with a medley of train, plane, and bus tickets in my hands. I don’t know what will come of this venture, but I trust that God placed these dreams in my heart for a reason. I’m off to find out what that might be.

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  1. Deb says:

    We miss you here at home, but I know God has plans for you! Enjoy your travels.


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