Sun People at Alki Beach

I got to spend another day with C and T. In 2015 I spent 3 weeks in Seattle and saw a whole lot of it during that time. Alki Beach was one of the few places I had left to explore.

The weather forecasted rain, but maybe Seattle’s meteorologists are just too conservative. Actually, I think the weather was just no match for the Sun People heading out to explore. It sounds weird in English, but the Japanese have this concept of being a rain or sun man/woman. I’m a sun woman, “hare-onna”. That means that whenever I go on trips or adventuring, I get beautiful weather. C is a rain-woman. Her trip to Europe was a perfect example in that she met with rain in most of the cities she visited (Ok, in London that was no surprise). Lucky for us, T tipped the scales by being a sun-man and we got a perfect day.

Alki Beach is nothing extravagant, but it provides a really nice view of the Seattle Pier and offers sandy shores to play around on. We tried out the goodies, coffee, and tea at Top Pot Doughnut shop and wiled away a happy afternoon.

C and T face off in a game of King of the Log.

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