Grad-school Voyeurism

In Vancouver I stayed with my friend, M. I knew her from university, but really got to know her last fall when we shared a house with 3 other girls. She moved away to Vancouver in January of this year to pursue a master’s in Linguistics. Over the next 5 days I got to absorb her life. After attending classes with her, I was convinced that she chose a great place to do it. The depth of study, the passion of her professors and fellow students, and the sharp wit she displayed all reinforced my belief in her success.

Being in a classroom again was an appealing venture. There was a quiet, purposeful attitude in the room. I felt that just by sitting there, absorbing the words of the professor and taking notes, I was engaging in an activity that could lead somewhere. To graduation and a degree, for example. The nice thing about school is that you have a definite destination and path to get there, with grades to mark your success. On top of that, you’re surrounded by people with dreams, determination, and an active curiosity about the world. At home I busied myself with a book and she set to writing proposals and doing in depth readings. I decided I don’t miss school that much.


During the week we had a nice little romp by the sea at White Rock, explored the woods by her school, went to sushi in the neighborhood, played the Tokaido boardgame with her roommate, fawned over the baby in her house, attended an event at her school, and explored downtown Vancouver. I felt so welcome with yummy food and good conversation thanks to M and her friends.

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