Beneath Blue Skies


The name of my blog comes from one of the ending songs in the anime Trigun. I changed “underneath” to “beneath” because I like the alliteration. Here are the lyrics, translated by Tsuneo Imahori (Lyrics Mode).

La la la…

Underneath the blue sky, the wind blows toward the future,

As if embracing the rays of the sun.

Merely wandering along,

I leave behind only a trail of footsteps.

As long as there’s a breeze brushing my cheek & grass to lie in

I don’t need anything else, and I’ll smile with satisfaction.

Sleeping, gazing at

The never-ending future…

La la la…

I can hear the sound of waves, touching my heart,

Selfishly aimless, like drops of rain.

The setting sun quietly reassures itself of everything,

Then sinks into the distant sea, as if giving it a kiss.

Wandering towards

The dream of a never-ending future.

La la la…

The song echoes my hope in the future and joy in the sweet novelties of the now.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Isaac says:

    Great song and amazing show! May it ring true throughout your travels!


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